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Nikko Mapping Pen Nib, Set of 10


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About This Product

Nikko Mapping Pen 659 is the old-school type of artist's nib that's sometimes called a "tube nib" or "crowquill." These tiny, super-sharp nibs are perfect for small lettering, cross-hatching, and many other tricky tasks for graphic artists.

We offer the Nikko Mapping Pen Nib in a set of 10, with a reusable plastic case and a small sheet of anti-rust paper to protect your nibs. It's nice to have replacements ready, because after metal nibs are used for a while, they lose some of their tensile strength and become less precise. You can tell it's time for a new nib when you can clearly see daylight between the tines.

Compatible only with tube nib holders, including Tachikawa's T-17, T-25, T-36, and T-40 pen holders. Look for a holder with a small, circular mount to hold this type of nib. Universal holders, like Tachikawa's, have channels for tube nibs and regular nibs in the same mount.

Made in Japan.

About Tachikawa & Co., Ltd.:

Tachikawa, founded in 1935, is Japan's foremost manufacturer of metal dip pens. Both the Tachikawa and Nikko Pen brands are produced at Tachikawa's Iga City factory, an hour east of Osaka. Tachikawa nibs are world-renowned for their precision, flex, and durability, and have been used by professional illustrators for generations.