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Académie charcoal fusains


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Nitram charcoal is unlike any other brand on the market. Because of its unique manufacturing process, the product is not quite like compressed charcoal or traditional vine charcoal. Like vine charcoal, the wood maintains its original cellular structure, increasing durability and offering a classic feel. Like compressed charcoal, Nitram is darker than vine charcoal, more easily sharpened, and less prone to creating dust.

Nitram Académie Fusains are 5mm square sticks, perfect for drawing lines and making precise marks. Three hardnesses are available. The Nitram H can be sharpened to an extra fine point for creating fine detail. The unique hardness of Nitram H makes lighter and mid-tones easier to attain. The Nitram HB is a medium soft charcoal is the one most preferred for drawing and sketching. Nitram HB’s superior hold is perfect for homogenizing tones and retaining tonal detail. The Nitram B is a soft charcoal that produces a rich black. It’s soft, but it can still hold a point.

Five sticks per box. Made in Canada.