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Nitram Charcoal Fusains

About This Product

Nitram Beaux Art Charcoal Fusains are our recommendation for anyone starting with charcoal or pursuing a course in figure drawing. With their unique consistency and control, Nitram charcoal sticks can produce marks in any shape and in every shade from deep black to pale, cool grey.

Five sticks per package. Available in H (hard), HB (medium), and B (soft) grades.

Try sharpening your Fusains with a Nitram Sharpening Bloc. See our entire selection of Nitram charcoals and accessories.

Made in Canada.

About Nitram:

Created in France in 1968, Nitram charcoal is a unique formulation unmatched by any other fine art charcoal in the world. Nitram is neither compressed charcoal nor vine/willow charcoal, but rather something in between, made with a proprietary process that maintains the cellular structure of the wood while also making the charcoal much more consistent, smooth, and dark than willow charcoal.

Unlike compressed charcoal, Nitram maintains the subtle tones and superior control of willow charcoal. But unlike willow charcoal, Nitram is strong and easy to use. It can be sharpened to a fine point and produces less dust than other charcoal. And Nitram comes in both square and round shapes, so you can make exactly the marks you want with this innovative charcoal.

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