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Orseolo Glass Pen Set, Amber


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About This Product

This Italian glass pen is made from Murano glass, a heritage product of Venice. This type of glass pen was made in Venice as early as the 18th century, and Bortoletti continues to manufacture fine writing pens from this beautiful and durable material. The deep spiral shape holds a considerable volume of ink, and the fine, smooth tip is pleasant and reliable. Each handmade glass pen is a subtly different shape and will have slightly different writing characteristics.

The holder included in this gift-ready set is also Murano glass, with a twisted two-color design and an elegantly tapered shape. The grip is white bronze with Bortoletti's signature filigree. This metal grip is the heaviest part of the pen, which brings the center of gravity down toward the page for comfortable and neat writing.

The glass nib is removable for cleaning or replacement, leaving the filigreed white bronze grip in place for generations of use. The tapered beech handle is lightweight, placing the pen's center of gravity near the page where it belongs.

Also included with each Orseolo Glass Pen Set is a bottle of Bortoletti Hamburg Calligraphy Ink, 15 mL, with a wax-sealed top. This free-flowing, intensely colored ink is perfect for metal and glass nibs. You'll receive a randomly selected ink color: blue, black, or sepia.

This set measures approx. 10" x 3.5" x 1.5". The pen holder measures 6.5" to 7" without a nib installed, and the nib adds 3/4" to 7/8" of length, for a total range of approx. 7.2" to 7.9".

Made in Italy.

About Bortoletti:

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica Venezia has been making fine writing supplies for more than 40 years. The four Bortoletti brothers set up shop in Venice in 1980, offering traditional pens, inks, and desk tools made from "precious and unalterable" materials like wood, bronze, and glass. Today, Bortoletti products are sold all over the world, but they are still hand-crafted in Venice and driven by the traditions of metalworking, glassblowing, woodworking, and handwriting.