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Perkeo Fountain Pen, Infrared (Special Edition)


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About This Product

Perkeo Infrared Edition

This ultra-bright, specially packaged version of Kaweco's popular Perkeo Fountain Pen brings an intense and exciting look to a highly dependable pen. The Perkeo has been a best seller since its introduction, but it's never been given the special-edition treatment before.

The "Infrared" Perkeo features a highly luminous, translucent red body, and it comes with a cartridge in Ruby Red instead of the usual blue. This is a pen that's designed to stand out, with all the ease of use and familiar feel of a standard Perkeo.

Packaged in a special box with translucent slipcover, the Infrared Perkeo makes an excellent gift to anyone who writes. A pen and one cartridge are included; the optional pen clip and additional ink cartridges are sold separately.

Made in Germany.

More about Kaweco Perkeo:

Kaweco Perkeo is a German-made fountain pen with a fresh, modern design and a great lineup of contemporary colors. We like to recommend Perkeo to those who want a well-built fountain pen without spending a lot of money. The nibs for Perkeo are made by the same, esteemed German manufacturer as the nibs for Kaweco's pricier pens, and they are quite reliable. The line is an inky medium, about 0.8 mm with variation depending on how hard you press.

The Perkeo body is also a customer favorite, with a wide, faceted barrel and a cap that can be posted on the back for extra weight and length. The ergonomic grip helps position your fingers properly to get the most out of using a fountain pen, which also makes Perkeo a wonderful choice for beginners.

Perkeo fountain pens take an international short or long cartridge. You can also add a Kaweco international converter to use Perkeo with bottled ink. 

Shop our Perkeo collection for more colors and options, including the optional Perkeo Slide-On Clips.


When you choose St. Louis Art Supply for any fountain pen over $25, one of our expert technicians hand-checks and adjusts the nib, using high-powered magnification to ensure that the tines are perfectly aligned and there are no manufacturing defects. If necessary, we also use a superfine abrasive to remove any stray metal that can impact the smoothness of your nib. Finally, we clean the pen with our house pen cleaner and make sure that no fibers are stuck in the nib.

This intensive quality-control process offers you peace of mind that other retailers can't match. If you've ever bought a fountain pen from Amazon, you may have noticed that some reviews say it is smooth and others say it is scratchy. The reason is that they do not look at the pen before shipping it out. As a specialized shop with highly trained staff, we go the extra mile to provide a polished experience for every customer.

Look for our green "Tested OK" stamp on your packing slip. It's our way of letting you know that a real person checked your new pen and made sure it's perfect.

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