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PRIMAcryl Finest Artists' Acrylic, Set of 8

List Price: $104.86

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Many acrylics look and work alike. Schmincke PRIMAcryl Finest Artists' Acrylic defies expectations, pairing an industry-leading pigment load with an ultra-smooth, easily workable consistency. Compared with other high-viscosity artists' acrylics, PRIMAcryl flows more freely, so you can apply it right from the tube without modification. The colors are intense and clear, allowing for clean, high-chroma color mixing.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of PRIMAcryl (for paint nerds like us) is that unlike almost all other acrylic colors, PRIMAcryl has virtually no color shift after drying. Frankly, when we mix a great color, we find it a bit offensive when the medium decides to change it at the last minute. Thankfully, Schmincke has spared artists that indignity by creating a line of acrylics that stay true to the painter's vision.

In our studio test, we were impressed with how easily PRIMAcryl allowed our test painter to bring her concept from start to finish. In two streamlined sessions, she painted five full layers, intentionally focusing on techniques that play tricks on other acrylics. Transparent glazes and dry brush work were easier than expected thanks to PRIMAcryl's fine handling and unique consistency.

In concentrated applications, our test team noted the outstanding covering power of PRIMAcryl's opaque colors. The Titanium White is particularly impressive, with greater opacity and tinting strength than any other acrylic white on the market. That means you can mix more efficiently, without dumping buckets of white into your pale tints.

This essential set of eight colors includes: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Red Light, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green (Blue Shade), Burnt Sienna, and Black. It's a harmonious selection that combines traditional pigments with more modern, intense colors, allowing you to mix pretty much anything you want.

35 mL metal tubes. Made in Germany.