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RGM Plus palette knives are essential tools for mixing, moving, and applying paint, especially heavier paints like oil and acrylic. The smaller, more flexible knives (#1 to #98) are called painting knives, and they are meant for applying paint and mixing smaller amounts. These knives have an angled metal neck between the handle and the blade. Their thin, flexible blades can be used to make precise marks on canvas and are very useful for abstract painting and impressionism.

The larger knives (#104 to #116) are meant for mixing larger amounts of paint, scraping palettes, and other tough jobs. These workhorses are called palette knives. Their blades are thicker and connect directly to the handle for superior leverage and strength.

RGM Plus painting and palette knives are made from high-quality, electroplated steel, so they don't easily get stuck or skip when spreading paint. The handle is dark bubinga wood with a brass ferrule and a hole for hanging from a pegboard.

Made in Italy.

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