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Aqua Bronze, #815 Silver

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About This Product

Schmincke Aqua Bronze is an ultra-shiny metallic watercolor in powder form. It's made with real metal pigment (powdered brass for the four gold colors and powdered aluminum for the silver) and a dry water-based binder. Mix Aqua Bronze 1:1 with water and it turns from a powder into a glossy, thick paint that looks like molten metal. Then you can brush it on paper or mix it with your watercolor or gouache.

We've found that the best results with Aqua Bronze can be achieved by applying multiple thin layers and gradually working in more pigment to the wet surface. With this technique, you can create amazing metallic surfaces that look like they've been dipped in gold, silver, or copper.

Available in five colors, all in 20 mL glass jars. Please be careful when using powdered art pigments; they are dangerous to consume or inhale. We strongly recommend using a dust mask while you work with this or any other powdered art supply.

You can read more technical and safety information about Aqua Bronzes on Schmincke's website.