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Medium W Gel

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About This Product

Schmincke Medium W turns any traditional oil paint into a water-mixable paint, making it possible to paint and clean up without the use of solvents. For those who are sensitive to the odor of turpentine, or for environments where flammable materials are not allowed, Medium W offers a way to use your favorite oil colors without worry.

Simply mix one part Medium W with two parts oil color (we suggest Schmincke Mussini, but any brand of oil colors will work), then add water as needed to thin the paint further. You can clean your brushes with regular soap and water after painting with Medium W.

This is the gel version of Medium W, which offers a much heavier body than the standard Medium W liquid. We recommend using them together, with Medium W for the base layers and Medium W Gel for textured top layers.

35 mL tube. Made in Germany.

Technical and safety information:

Schmincke supports its professional-grade products with ample information about their technical characteristics, application methods, and safety precautions. Please click below to download more information about this product:

Medium W Safety Data Sheet
Medium W Technical Information
Schmincke Mediums Comprehensive Booklet