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Shikiori Brush Pens, Full Set of 20


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Sailor's new Shikiori Brush Pens are filled with vibrant, blendable Sailor fountain pen ink. Available in a lovely range of colors that pays homage to Japan's four seasons, all with two versatile tips that can do pretty much anything. Click one of the colors below, or open the Product Description tab to learn more about Sailor Shikiori Brush Pens.

Full Set of 20
Set of 5, Winter Colors
Set of 5, Spring Colors
Set of 5, Summer Colors
Set of 5, Autumn Colors
#201 Shigure (Winter Rain)
#202 Tokiwamatsu (Pine Green)
#203 Nioisumire (Sweet Violet)
#204 Miruai (Seaweed)
#205 Souten (Azure Sky)
#206 Doyou (Day of the Ox)
#207 Yamadori (Mountain Bird)
#208 Okuyama (Remote Mountain)
#209 Irori (Hearth)
#210 Yukiakari (Snowlight)
#211 Wakauguisu (Young Warbler)
#212 Sakuramori (Cherry Blossom)
#213 Fujisugata (Wisteria)
#214 Rikyucha (Rikyū Tea)
#215 Kinmokusei (Fragrant Olive)
#216 Chushu (Harvest Moon)
#217 Yozakura (Evening Cherry Blossom)
#218 Yodaki (Bonfire)
#219 Yonaga (Long Night)
#220 Shimoyo (Frosty Night)


These beautiful new brush pens have something surprising inside: Sailor Shikiori fountain pen inks. Shikiori is Sailor's flagship collection of inks: twenty nature-inspired colors that celebrate Japan's four seasons. Because they use fountain pen ink, Shikiori Brush Pens lay down brilliant, transparent marks. They can be layered, blended, and diluted with water, so it's possible to make entire illustrations with Shikiori Brush Pens.

The flexible brush tip is the killer feature of these pens, and it's probably what will get the most use in artists' studios. It's capable of thin or thick lines, and the water-thin ink flows freely for quick fills and saturated strokes. Every color is subtle and well-chosen, and each responds differently when blended with water. You'll notice the little ripples and waves of the various dyes as they separate in dilution. Fountain pen users and urban sketchers, of course, will already be familiar with the unique beauty of a dye ink wash.

Even if you don't draw or paint, Shikiori Brush Pens might still merit a prominent spot on your desk. Because they're so bright and transparent, they're excellent for highlighting, underlining, color coding, and taking notes. This is where Shikiori's other tip really shines. It's a flexible, fine, porous point, similar to other Japanese "sign pens," with nice line variation even though the tip is quite small. You can use the darker colors for general writing—and in our experience, your handwriting will look pretty great.

This twenty-color set contains every Sailor Shikori Brush Pen—five colors for each season. It's packaged in a plastic box with cardboard inner sleeve.

Made in Japan.



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Shikiori Brush Pens, Full Set of 20

Shikiori Brush Pens, Full Set of 20