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Simple Leaf, 18 Sheet Pack


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About This Product

Speedball Simple Leaf is an easier way to apply realistic gold and silver leafing to almost any surface. Combined with Speedball Metal Leaf Adhesive Size and Metal Leaf Sealer, Simple Leaf offers a streamlined and non-toxic leafing process that anyone can learn.

To use Simple Leaf, first apply Adhesive Size to the area you want to gild. Wait 20 minutes for the adhesive to become clear and tacky, then flip the leaf onto the target area. The backing paper holds the leaf in place, so unused areas can be used again for other projects. Brush off excess leaf around your adhesive, then finish with two coats of Metal Leaf Sealer.

Eighteen sheets of 5.5" square metal leaf with waxed transfer paper backings. Imitation gold and silver colors available—made from color-matched alloys of real metal.