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Slide Clip, Size LL

About This Product

Slide Clip is an ingenious new paper fastener from Tohkin Co., Tokyo. It's more secure than a paper clip, and it doesn't damage paper like a staple. It's easy to remove and re-use, making Slide Clip an elegant alternative to bulldog clips and similar bulky fasteners.

Simply slide it onto the papers you want to bind together and press the top of the clip down to close it. It's just as easy to open the clip by sliding the top back up, so you can add or reorder pages anytime.

This is the Size LL Slide Clip, which can hold up to 90 pages of copy paper. The innovative design means that it can just as easily hold two or three pages together, unlike many high-capacity clips. Sold individually or in a discounted box of 10 Slide Clips.

We also stock the smaller Tohkin Size L Slide Clip.

Made in Japan.

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