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Supergranulation Watercolor Half Pan, #962 Glacier Turquoise


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Supergranulation Watercolors are an exciting, complex new offering from Schmincke, with 40 colors engineered for intense texture and color variation. We offer all 40 Supergranulation colors in half pans—click a color below to browse, or click the Product Description tab to read our studio notes on Supergranulation.

For specific information on each pigment used in these colors, you can download Schmincke's official Horadam Watercolor guide here.

#911 Volcano Yellow
#912 Volcano Orange
#913 Volcano Red
#914 Volcano Violet
#915 Volcano Brown
#921 Desert Yellow
#922 Desert Orange
#923 Desert Brown
#924 Desert Green
#925 Desert Grey
#931 Shire Yellow
#932 Shire Olive
#933 Shire Green
#934 Shire Blue
#935 Shire Grey
#941 Forest Olive
#942 Forest Green
#943 Forest Blue
#944 Forest Brown
#945 Forest Grey
#951 Deep Sea Violet
#952 Deep Sea Indigo
#953 Deep Sea Blue
#954 Deep Sea Green
#955 Deep Sea Black
#961 Glacier Blue
#962 Glacier Turquoise
#963 Glacier Green
#964 Glacier Brown
#965 Glacier Black
#971 Galaxy Pink
#972 Galaxy Violet
#973 Galaxy Blue
#974 Galaxy Brown
#975 Galaxy Black
#981 Tundra Orange
#982 Tundra Pink
#983 Tundra Violet
#984 Tundra Blue
#985 Tundra Green


New for 2022! Schmincke has added all 40 intense, complex Supergranulation Watercolors to their standard assortment of half pans, so you can travel with a bigger and more exciting range of colors and textures than ever before.

In case you haven't heard about them already, Supergranulation Watercolors take a natural property of certain artist pigments and turns it into an eye-popping special effect. Pro watercolorists know that some pigments, like ultramarine blue and natural earth colors, form pockets of darker pigment when applied to paper. This textured look is beloved by landscape painters because it creates a complex and organic look with one brushstroke.

Supergranulation Watercolors take this granulating effect to the next level. By mixing together highly granulating colors that naturally separate from one another, each Supergranulation color explodes into ripples and pools of contrasting pigment when you use it on paper. The result is the most intensely granulating watercolor we've ever seen, enabling you to paint dreamy sunsets, extraterrestrial landscapes, and complex natural light with ease.

These half pans are made with the same top-quality materials, processes, and attention to detail as the rest of the Schmincke Horadam Watercolor lineup, and they are completely compatible with other Horadam colors. In fact, we recommend combining earthy, more opaque Supergranulation colors with bright and transparent standard colors—you can get some really impressive mixes that way!

Made in Germany.



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Supergranulation Watercolor Half Pan, #962 Glacier Turquoise

Supergranulation Watercolor Half Pan, #962 Glacier Turquoise