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About This Product

Make your own marker in any color with this playful new item from Teranishi, one of the leading marker manufacturers in Japan. Teranishi's most popular consumer product is a stubby chisel-tip marker in this same shape, but normally it's filled with permanent, solvent ink and used for labeling boxes and other household tasks.

This marker shares its form and nib shape with Teranishi's permanent pens, but it's sold empty, so you can fill it with your favorite fountain pen ink. (Of course, that includes Teranishi's own Taisho Roman inks, but you can use any brand.) Just unscrew the top from the glass reservoir and use the included dropper to fill the cotton ink sponge with your chosen color. When you screw the cap back on, the tip saturates with ink from the sponge.

Refillable. Made in Japan.