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Tintoretto ⨉ Felice Feltracco Signature Watercolor Brush Set


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About This Product

Designed in collaboration between Italian brushmaker Tintoretto Pennelli and master watercolorist Felice Feltracco, the Series 7908 Signature Set features three gorgeous, soft brushes with long tips. Feltracco, like many modern watercolorists, prefers to load his brushes with large amounts of paint, and these brushes have enormous water capacity to make that possible.

The black-haired brushes are Tintoretto's outstanding synthetic squirrel, which outperforms all but the finest natural hair. The off-white brush is Tintoretto Aquasoft, an absorbent new fiber that allows for maximal holding, lifting, and scrubbing. Both fibers are excellent with watercolor, gouache, ink, and other water-based media.

From left to right in the box: a number 6 synthetic squirrel quill, with a very fine tip for detail and a wide belly capable of holding large washes; a number 0 extra-long quill, perfect for drawing long and continuous lines; and a number 14 extra-large Aquasoft quill, capable of covering entire sheets of paper with one brush load.

The three brushes are packaged in a large Tintoretto gift box. Once the paper label is removed, the box can be used for studio storage.

Made in Italy.