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Tintoretto ⨉ Il Letterista Signature Lettering Brush Set


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Designed in collaboration between Italian brushmaker Tintoretto Pennelli and local signpainting shop Il Letterista, this three-brush set is designed specifically for sign painting and decorative lettering in various styles. Featuring incredibly long, absorbent bellies and flat, sharp tips, each of these brushes offers unique calligraphy options for the brush lettering artist.

On the left, with dark, very soft synthetic fiber, is the Series 157 LetterQuill, size 4. In the center is its cousin, the Series 159 LetterWriter, size 6, with lighter, springier synthetic fiber. Both of these brushes can be shaped to a flat edge, creating line variation with change of direction, just like a calligraphy pen with a stub tip. You can also achieve line variation with variable pressure, much like a flexible calligraphy pen.

On the right, with the wider, gold-colored synthetic tip, is the Series 454 LetterStroke, size 8, with a broad, consistent, flat shape. The LetterStroke can create many different types of traditional calligraphy and is best used on paper, for practice and design work.

The three brushes are packaged in a large Tintoretto gift box. Once the paper label is removed, the box can be used for studio storage.

Made in Italy.