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Tintoretto ⨉ Janet Pulcho Signature Watercolor Brush Set


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About This Product

Designed in collaboration between Italian brushmaker Tintoretto Pennelli and Ukrainian botanical painter Janet Pulcho, the Series 7917 signature set is a luxurious toolkit for the serious painter of nature. Ranging from a large, soft mottler to a fine-tipped round, these brushes enable painters like Pulcho to create delicately color-tinged petals and intricately curling stems.

All four brushes in this set are made with vegan fibers. Three are made with Tintoretto's outstanding synthetic squirrel, which outperforms all but the finest natural hair brushes. This soft, dark fiber is highly absorbent and doesn't dump color indiscriminately onto the page, like cheaper synthetics often do. These advanced fibers mimic the texture of real squirrel hair, offering the same control and touch without the use of animal products.

From left to right in the box, you'll find a Plum Synthetic #8 Round, an outstanding utility brush for lines and details; a #6 synthetic squirrel quill with finely tapered tip and wide belly; a #2 synthetic squirrel quill for calligraphic strokes; and a #20 synthetic squirrel mottler, for big washes and fills.

All four brushes are handmade by Tintoretto's skilled craftspeople, so they all reliably hold their shapes, and they last much longer than cheap brushes. This set is packaged in a large Tintoretto gift box. Once the paper label is removed, the box can be used for studio storage.

Made in Italy.