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Tombow's classic 8900 pencils have been made with essentially the same design since 1948. The smooth, break-resistant cores in Tombow 8900 pencils were highly advanced 70 years ago, and today, they're still great for everyday use.

We really like the 8900's avocado-green lacquer and gold foil details—a midcentury look that still feels fresh. It sharpens well and retains its point well. Compared with its longtime rival, Mitsubishi Pencil's 9800 series, Tombow 8900 lead is a bit softer, which makes it a nice choice for drawing.

Available in H (hard, but still dark and smooth), HB (standard #2), B (soft), and 2B (extra soft), a versatile range for writing and drawing.

Twelve unsharpened pencils in a retro yellow box. Made in Vietnam.

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