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Tsubame University Notebook, A5 Ruled (H100S)


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About This Product

This classic writing notebook has been made in Tokyo since 1947 by Tsubame Note ("Swallow Note" in English, after Japan's beloved springtime birds.) Using traditional stitched signatures and a durable lay-flat binding, Tsubame University Notebooks offer a pleasant and practical writing experience, especially for pen users.

The paper in this notebook is Tsubame Fools Paper, one of the leading fountain pen paper options in Japan. It features an old-fashioned laid finish, visible only faintly unless held up to the light, and a smooth but grippy writing surface that's ideal for fountain pen nibs. The ivory white paper and subtle blue-gray lines are easy on your eyes during long writing sessions. And the ink handling is wonderful, with no feathering or bleeding whatsoever.

Tsubame University Notebooks are also great with pencil, unlike many smooth notebooks. The surface grabs the pencil point just enough for a satisfying experience with graphite, and the smudge resistance is surprisingly good, too. Erasing is easy, and the paper is difficult to damage.

100 sheets (that's 200 pages if you use both sides!) of Tsubame Fools Paper. Acid-free, ivory white, 81.4 gsm weight. Measures 148 x 205 mm (about 6" x 8").

Winner of the 2012 Good Design Award (Long Life).

Made in Japan.

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