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Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Uni 2 mm Lead Holder


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About This Product

The Uni 2 mm Lead Holder is a classic tool for drawing, writing, and drafting. Capable of holding any grade of Mitsubishi Pencil's unparalleled graphite leads, this lead holder can pivot from loose sketching to fine detail work with a simple lead switch. Since Mitsubishi leads come in a reusable case, it's perfectly practical to carry multiple grades and put away the one you aren't using.

The lead holder itself is a time-tested design, with a modernist style and solid build quality. Though it's inexpensive, it is still made in Japan in accordance with Mitsubishi Pencil's high standards. The knurled metal grip gives the pencil a low center of gravity, making it more comfortable to use. A reliable clutch mechanism prevents leads from slipping or wobbling, as they can in lower-quality clutch pencils. A metal clip is provided to attach your lead holder to your notebook or pocket.

We recommend pairing the Uni 2 mm Lead Holder with an Uni 2 mm Lead Pointer, for ultrasharp points on any kind of lead. And for the best writing or drawing experience, fill this lead holder with Uni 2 mm Pencil Lead, available in a variety of hardnesses and in red. It's dark and smooth, with the same extraordinary quality as Mitsubishi's wood-cased pencil leads.

The Uni 2 mm Lead Holder comes with one HB lead. Uni 2 mm leads have a small piece of tape wrapped around the back end, so they cannot fall out of the clutch pencil when you advance the lead.

About Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.:

Founded in the 19th century in Tokyo, Mitsubishi Pencil has been one of the world's leading pen and pencil manufacturers for generations. Well-known around the world for their Uni brand of pens and pencils, Mitsubishi continues to innovate and release new products, like POSCA paint markers and an ever-expanding lineup of writing pens.

Fun fact: "Mitsubishi" means "three diamonds," and the name and three-diamond mark of Mitsubishi Pencil predates the better-known Mitsubishi Group by ten years. Despite sharing the same name and symbol, Mitsubishi Pencil is not related to any of the numerous other Mitsubishi companies in Japan.

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