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This portable set of twelve half-sized watercolor pencils packs an incredible amount of pigment for the price! Each color is highly saturated and easy to work with, lifting and blending effortlessly with the included water brush. Because they are so soft and soluble, you can use them in multiple ways: lay them down dry and then use the water brush, lay them down on wet paper and watch the color bloom instantly, or wet the pencil directly for sketchy, blurred marks.

The Botanical Pocket Set includes twelve colors inspired by flowers and plants: Orange Yellow, Vermilion, Light Carmine, Cold Grey I, Cold Grey II, Blue Violet, Viridian, Olive Green, Raw Umber, Brown Ochre, Ochre, and Indian Red. Also included: a pocket-sized Mitsubishi water brush with a fine point, a colored pencil sharpener with a sharp NJK blade, and a simple plastic pencil extender for when these little pencils get even smaller.

All components of this set are made in Japan by the historic Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

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    Mitsubishi Pencil Co.