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Felix Scheinberger
Watson Guptill

Urban Watercolor Sketching


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Bring new energy to your sketches of urban scenes with Felix Scheinberger's fresh and simple approach to watercolor painting. Whether you’re an amateur artist, doodler, or sketcher, watercolor is a versatile sketching medium that’s perfect for people on the go.

Accomplished designer and illustrator Felix Scheinberger offers a solid foundation in color theory and countless lessons on all aspects of watercolor sketching. Urban Watercolor Sketching covers watercolor fundamentals like wet-on-wet, glazes, and washes, plus specific tips and tricks for sketching your world. Materials and supplies are discussed in detail, along with issues like handling water in the field and choosing your composition.

Vibrant watercolor paintings grace each page, and light-hearted anecdotes (why do fish make great subjects to paint?) make Urban Watercolor Sketching a lively guide to the medium. With an open mind and sketchbook, you will be ready to capture the moments around you in luminous color with confidence, creativity, and ease—no matter what your skill level may be.

  • Author:

    Felix Scheinberger

  • Title:

    Urban Watercolor Sketching

  • Dimensions:

    9.47 x 8.31 x 0.54 inches

  • Pages:


  • Publisher:

    Watson Guptill

  • Publication Date:

    March 25, 2014

  • ISBN: