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This Esterbrook #442 Jackson Stub nib is a medium-width, stub shaped dip pen for general writing and drawing. It's a relatively firm nib, though some line variation is achievable. The flat, "stub" writing surface moves very smoothly on paper and makes a pleasing line even for print writing. This pen was manufactured by R. Esterbrook and Co., America's first pen company, in the mid-20th century. All our vintage nibs are carefully checked for rust spots and bent metal, so you can be confident that it'll work like new.

Please note: almost all pen nibs, new and vintage, are coated with a varnish that needs to be removed before use. Otherwise the ink won't stick to the nib properly and you'll mess up your paper. To remove the varnish, just dip the pen in ink and wipe it off, then repeat once or twice.

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