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These striking gold-plated nibs are vintage stock, made by an early 20th-century U.S. manufacturer, then tucked away somewhere and never used. They're marked "Warranted Wing-Flow U.S.A. #4" but lacking much else in product information—exactly the sort of vintage buy that's intriguing for our product team.

After some testing and research, we think they were originally made for Chilton fountain pens. We used ours in a dip pen holder and found that they're excellent writers, capable of holding a decent amount of ink with each dip and very smooth.

For ink connoisseurs, a vintage pen nib like this one is a nice, inexpensive option for testing new colors and making quick sketches. The #4 size makes a generous, inky mark, comparable to a European medium nib.

Fits most European-style pen holders, like those from Brause and e+m. Not compatible with Japanese pen holders, like Tachikawa and Kakimori.

Limited stock. Appearance may vary slightly since this is a vintage item.

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    St. Louis Art Supply