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Dr. Ph. Martin's

Bombay India Ink, Yellow Ochre


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About This Product

Bombay India Ink is a classic, all-purpose line of pigmented drawing inks, excellent for use with metal dip pens, glass pens, and brushes. Bombay is completely permanent when dry, so it's very useful for line work under watercolor or ink. You can scrub paint directly over dry Bombay and the pigment won't budge.

Although Bombay inks vary in consistency depending on the pigment, they are generally quite thick, easily coating the entire surface of your dip pen for maximum ink capacity. When shaken before use, Bombay is very well-behaved, with a well-dispersed pigment load that can be applied in sharp, dark marks or diluted for smooth gradients and washes.

Especially recommended for illustrators, calligraphers, and watercolorists.

Each Bombay India Ink comes in a one-ounce dropper bottle, so it's easy to transfer the ink to your palette or inkwell.

Non-toxic and acid-free. Made in the United States.

FAQ: Why is it called "india ink"?

The permanent drawing inks that artists have used for centuries originally came from South Asia. Traditionally, india ink is made with pigment and a water-based shellac binder. Shellac is made by the lac bug, which is native to India and its neighbors, and its usefulness to artists was discovered there.

Today we still call it "india ink," even, in some cases, if it doesn't have shellac. (Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay india ink uses a proprietary water-based binder that does not include natural shellac.)

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