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Urushi Pen Holder


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About This Product

Dip pen holders are often overlooked, even by the artists and calligraphers who use them most, because after all, it's the nib that makes the mark. But in our experience, using a good pen holder makes it easier to realize your vision and reduce mistakes. The holder's body should be balanced and comfortable, and its nib mount should be secure and easy to use. Most cheap holders have maybe one of these features. Kakimori's artisan-made pen holders have all of them—plus, they're made with natural materials for a stunning look and feel.

This is the Kakimori Urushi Pen Holder, a lovely example of traditional Japanese lacquerware. Urushi is the fine craft of applying lacquer in thin, repeated coats, to finish items intended for long and distinguished use. Through this process, the porous wood is thoroughly infused with urushi lacquer, highlighting the grain and resulting in an elegant matte black finish. Japanese cherry is used for these holders, so the texture and feel are absolutely gorgeous.

Every Kakimori dip pen holder is fitted with a Tachikawa universal nib mount. The Tachikawa mount is a favorite among pros who use ink, like our resident cartoonist Curt. Unlike the Western style dip pen mount with a large, open hole and metal prongs, the plastic press-to-fit Tachikawa mount is rustproof and harder to gum up with ink. It also holds the nib much more securely than metal nib mounts, which lose their tensile strength when used repeatedly.

Please note, a nib is not included. Use your Kakimori pen holder with all shapes and sizes of dip pen nibs, including the incredible Kakimori Brass Nib, Kakimori Stainless Nib, and Kakimori Pen Nib.

This handmade product is available to us in very limited quantities, so although we intend to stock it permanently, we will likely sell out between shipments from Japan. If it's not currently in stock, we recommend signing up for a restock notification by clicking the green "Email When Available" button.

Packaged in a triangular Kakimori gift box. Made in Japan.

About Kakimori:

Kakimori began as a stationery shop in east Tokyo, and they've quickly become one of the most creative and thoughtful product design firms in our industry. Drawing on a tight-knit network of Japanese artisans and manufacturers, Kakimori offers playful and poetic supplies that bring traditional media into the contemporary world.

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