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Princeton Brush

Aqua Elite Synthetic Sable Brushes

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About This Product

Aqua Elite Synthetic Sable Brushes are among the most popular and versatile artist-grade brushes in the U.S., and although they are chiefly aimed at watercolorists, we've found countless uses for our Aqua Elites around the studio. Of course, they are excellent with watercolor and gouache—Princeton's Next-Gen synthetic tips are precise, responsive, and easy to clean. The water capacity of Aqua Elite brushes is very good, and the water control is even better; it's easy to apply color with finesse because the brush won't dump out its entire contents with a light touch.

In addition to watercolors, we've found that Aqua Elite works beautifully with inks, thin acrylics, and thin oil colors. For detail work with oil colors, sable is a classic choice, and this synthetic replacement is more durable and less likely to frizz out when used with solvents and heavy paint.

All the popular shapes and sizes are available, with 30 options in total. Aqua Elite comes in a huge number of round sizes, plus several strokes, shaders, washes, angle brushes, and a few special shapes. The quill and black mop are the two most exciting shapes offered.

Sold individually.

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