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Dip Pen Starter Set


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About This Product

New version available! Dip Pen Starter Set 2.0

Getting started with dip pens and ink can be confusing, so we assembled this compact starter set to make it simple. Curated and assembled here at St. Louis Art Supply, this unique pen and ink set combines our favorite supplies from three countries. It even includes one vintage nib, manufactured in the 1930s and kept in pristine new condition.

Six nibs are included in our selection, to give you the broadest possible sampling of pen styles and shapes without including anything too specialized or fussy. They're packaged in one of our 5 mL Polycarbonate Vials, which can be filled with ink and used as a simple inkwell. The Tachikawa T-25 natural wood pen holder, also included with the set, is compatible with all six nibs.

Finally, we didn't forget ink! Professional-grade, highly pigmented black ink from Schmincke is the perfect companion for your new drawing and writing tools. A full 28 mL bottle of Schmincke Indian Ink 1912 is included.

What's in the box:
Tachikawa T-25 Pen Holder
Schmincke Indian Ink 1912, 28 mL
Brause Steno
(Large, blue nib, stub shape, medium flex)
Brause Index Finger (Hand-shaped nib, pointed tip, minimal flex)
Brause Cito Fein (Gold nib, rounded tip, minimal flex)
Brause Rose Nib (Rose-embossed body, pointed tip, extremely soft and flexible)
Nikko G Pen (Fine pointed pen, firm feel but wide flex)
Esterbrook Oval Point (1930s vintage nib, round tip, medium flex)
Polycarbonate Vial, 5 mL

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