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Every great watercolor has its particular personality, and in our view, Holbein's best features are its unparalleled high-chroma colors and its transparency. One glance at Holbein's color chart reveals that these colors are all about intensity and light, with numerous botanical pinks, stormy deep blues, and fewer neutrals than you'd expect.

Because the pigments are so intense and finely milled, Holbein outperforms other watercolor in thin, transparent applications. Every Holbein watercolor dilutes smoothly to create a wide range of values, from ultra-dark to subtle and light. Its bright pigments and advanced formula allow you to color more water, more evenly, with a very small amount of paint.

In general, Holbein colors are less granulating and more uniform in texture and flow than the classic European watercolors on which they were based in Holbein's early days. They are also generally brighter. Even in Holbein's range of earth pigments, you'll find surprisingly bright colors, particularly in the intense gold and red undertones.

This expansive set of large 15 mL tubes contains a complete set of 24 colors for all styles of painting. The colors included are W210 Crimson Lake, W212 Rose Madder, W219 Vermilion Hue, W232 Jaune Brilliant #2, W235 Permanent Yellow Lemon, W237 Permanent Yellow Deep, W234 Yellow Ochre, W351 Yellow Grey, W263 Cobalt Green, W266 Permanent Green #1, W267 Permanent Green #2, W265 Terre Verte, W261 Viridian Hue, W296 Compose Blue, W292 Cerulean Blue, W291 Cobalt Blue Hue, W294 Ultramarine Deep, W297 Prussian Blue, W312 Mineral Violet, W330 Light Red, W334 Burnt Sienna, W333 Burnt Umber, W338 Ivory Black, and W201 Chinese White.

Made in Japan.

About Holbein:

Established in Osaka in 1900, Holbein has been Japan's premier manufacturer and distributor of art materials for more than a hundred years. In the early twentieth century, Holbein brought numerous art materials to Japan for the first time, including those items (like paints, canvas, and metal clips) that the small company manufactured under its own name. Other supplies were made available through Holbein's friendly ties with European manufacturers like Schmincke and Winsor & Newton.

Today, Holbein remains the most important supplier of art materials to the Japanese market, but they've also developed a global reputation as a top-tier color house, with a wide range of artists' products suitable for the most demanding professionals. Holbein has always emphasized technical excellence, purity of color, and bold, modern design, and these values shine through in every tube and box of Holbein color.

Holbein products are made in Osaka with superior materials and careful quality control. Browse our full selection from the chroma specialists at Holbein.

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