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Holbein Artists' Watercolors, 5 mL, Pastel Set of 12

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

This new selection of stylish, soft colors combines some of the most popular Holbein watercolors, including the always sought-after Shell Pink and Naples Yellow. These colors are invaluable for painting natural subjects and brightly lit, low-contrast scenes. (Think sandy beaches, pastoral expanses, and hazy urban skylines.)

Unlike most colors and sets in the Holbein Artists' Watercolor lineup, these pastel colors are mostly opaque. They dilute into lovely, pale tones, and can be mixed and layered, but please keep in mind that these colors will obscure the layer underneath. As a standalone set, they're best for sketching and illustration, with a technique and style almost like gouache. (But these watercolors are much more subtle and smooth than gouache.)

We really like this Pastel Set of 12 as an accompaniment to a more standard set, like the classic Holbein Red Box of 12. The colors in the pastel set do not overlap with the standard set of 12, and they are not typically found in other brands' mixing sets, either. Because satisfying pastel colors can be difficult to mix, it's very nice to be able to use these as a base for subtle, natural colors. You can mix in small amounts of more intense colors to increase the saturation and add complexity.

The colors included are W025 Brilliant Pink, W026 Shell Pink, W030 Naples Yellow, W031 Jaune Brilliant, W077 Leaf Green, W071 Compose Green, W064 Emerald Green Nova, W096 Compose Blue, W104 Horizon Blue, W095 Verditer Blue, W116 Lavender, and W117 Lilac.

Made in Japan.

About Holbein:

Established in Osaka in 1900, Holbein has been Japan's premier manufacturer and distributor of art materials for more than a hundred years. In the early twentieth century, Holbein brought numerous art materials to Japan for the first time, including those items (like paints, canvas, and metal clips) that the small company manufactured under its own name. Other supplies were made available through Holbein's friendly ties with European manufacturers like Schmincke and Winsor & Newton.

Today, Holbein remains the most important supplier of art materials to the Japanese market, but they've also developed a global reputation as a top-tier color house, with a wide range of artists' products suitable for the most demanding professionals. Holbein has always emphasized technical excellence, purity of color, and bold, modern design, and these values shine through in every tube and box of Holbein color.

Holbein products are made in Osaka with superior materials and careful quality control. Browse our full selection from the chroma specialists at Holbein.

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