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Horadam Watercolors, Limited Edition Pocket Set (2022)

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About This Product

Produced in limited quantity for spring 2022, this pocket set of Schmincke Horadam 5 mL tube watercolors has everything you need to make splendid paintings. The six colors have been chosen for excellent mixing, allowing you to make almost any color from a small palette.

It's all packed in a specially designed, enameled metal travel box with a finger loop and plenty of mixing space. Enamel is a great mixing surface because the paint spreads out with minimal beading up, and it's easy to clean. Clever rounded rails keep your tubes from moving around the box in transit, even when they're half-empty.

We adore the selection of Horadam colors in this special set, and since there are just six, we'd like to take the time to introduce each one:

#653 Transparent Sienna: A deceptively simple earth tone, and probably our favorite color in the box. Schmincke is well-known for their outstanding transparent colors, and this transparent earth red is so much more interesting and dynamic than ordinary burnt sienna. You can see it (and its gorgeous orange undertone) prominently in our photos.

#365 Vermilion: Brilliant, opaque orange-red, for intense, warm mixed colors with the other primaries in the box. Try mixing a little into Transparent Sienna for intense orange earth tones.

#216 Pure Yellow: We always say that yellow is the most important primary, and this permanent azo yellow is a very good one. This is a classic primary yellow, not especially cool or warm toned, which makes it very versatile in mixes. Dilute for transparent layers; apply in concentrated strokes for semi-opaque layers.

#530 Sap Green: Complex transparent green, made with nickel yellow and phthalo green, absolutely essential for natural subjects. Of course, sap green is valuable for foliage, but it's also lovely in seaside shadows and cool skin tones.

#496 Ultramarine Blue: Iconic purplish blue, a fixture on artists' palettes since it was first synthesized in the 19th century. Saturated and transparent, lending itself to layering with other cool tones. Ultramarine is also known for its granulation, adding natural texture to every stroke.

#783 Schmincke Payne's Grey: This is one of two Payne's Greys offered by Schmincke. The other one is very close to Prussian Blue, while this one is very close to neutral. We prefer sets with Payne's Grey instead of black, because it's much less likely to ruin your mixes and overwhelm other colors.

Made in Germany.

About Schmincke Horadam watercolors:

Schmincke Horadam watercolors are among the world's finest professional-grade colors. First patented in 1892 by Schmincke co-founder Josef Horadam and continuously improved over more than a century of effort, Horadam watercolors are vibrant, smooth, and easy to apply to any kind of watercolor paper. Only the best artist pigments are used for the 140 colors that make up today's Horadam lineup. They're milled until the paint becomes creamy and utterly consistent, and each color shines when water is added.