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The incredibly cheap, highly capable Kokuyo Calculate Pad is made from thin, off-white recycled paper, but it works well with all kinds of pens and pencils. Fountain pen ink didn't bleed through in our tests—with a variety of nibs and ink brands.

While Calculate Pads are smooth enough for fountain pens, they are also soft enough for pencil sketching. This is a great studio pad for quick, preliminary sketches before proceeding to canvas or art paper for your finished work.

A cardstock underlay is included—put it underneath your writing sheet to keep your lines straight. The underlay also offers added precaution against bleedthrough with inkier pens.

100 sheets of off-white recycled paper. Like newsprint, this paper is not archival and will change color in sunlight. B5 size, 251 x 178 mm (about 7" x 10").

Made in Japan.

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