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Blue-Black Iron Gall Ink, Fuji Edition


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About This Product

Platinum has made an excellent blue-black iron gall ink for many years, and this special edition bottle pays homage to the company's century-long history. The ink formula is the same as Platinum's ordinary blue-black, except that natural water from Mt. Fuji is used for 5% of the total volume. This poetic touch, along with the special box and label, are all in honor of Platinum's 100th anniversary (2019).

Iron gall ink is itself a link to the past—once the dominant form of ink used in fountain pens, it was largely replaced by dye-based inks with no iron content by the middle of the 20th century. The iron in these inks is meant to oxidize over time, gradually darkening the lines over years of storage. Iron gall inks are also resistant to water damage and fading from sunlight, which are both issues for many contemporary pen inks.

The only downside to iron gall inks is their acidity, which can cause corrosion if pens are left unused and filled with ink for long periods of time. But with the occasional pen flush, there is no danger to your pen, particularly with this modern and more gentle iron gall formulation.

The color is a lovely, medium blue-gray on most paper, with a fine or medium nib. When applied more boldly or used with a brush, Platinum Blue-Black exhibits a gorgeous red sheen and develops into a dark indigo color.

The 60 mL glass inkwell has a heavy base and a wide mouth for ease of use. Inside the cap, there's a very nice touch from Platinum's engineers: an inner chamber with a higher floor than the bottle. When the bottle's full, you may not even notice it, but when it's nearly empty, you'll be glad it's there. Flip over the closed bottle and the inner chamber fills with ink. Flip the bottle back over, open it, and you'll be able to get those last few drops with ease.

Made in Japan.