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This pocket-sized (approximately 3" square) pastel set features a classic set of earth tones, ideal for portrait or landscape sketching. This hard, pigmented pastel easily lays down color on paper. With firm pressure, it can produce the chalky pigment powder that's useful for areas where you want to blend colors or create gradients.

In our studio tests, we were surprised to learn that these otherwise traditional artist sketching crayons can also be used with water! Try applying them to wet paper to make bigger, soft-edged marks—or, use a wet brush to blend dry marks. You can even wet the pastel itself and use a brush to pick up color, much like a watercolor pan.

We really enjoyed these soft, natural tones, and we're pleased to recommend the Pentel Pocket Pastel Set for quick, loose sketches of any natural subject.

The colors included are white, grey, yellow ochre, sanguine, burnt umber, and black.

Each pastel measures approximately 2.5". Made in Japan.

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