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Tintoretto ⨉ Eugeniu Gorean Signature Watercolor Brush Set


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About This Product

Designed in collaboration between Italian brushmaker Tintoretto Pennelli and the Moldovan watercolorist Eugeniu Gorean, this elegant trio of handmade, professional brushes encourages expressive, wet-on-wet painting and delicate, defined line work. All three brushes have sharp tips that snap back into shape when wet, but each one serves a unique purpose.

On the left, there's a #6 Kolinsky sable round, one of the most classic watercolor brushes in existence. This mid-sized, perfectly pointed brush is made from the most celebrated natural fiber for watercolor work, and the #6 is right in the sweet spot for most artists' workflow. It's best for defining key shapes and executing details in the foreground.

In the center, there's an incredibly absorbent, blue squirrel quill, in size #8. Because of the sharply tapered shape of quill brushes, you can use this coveted tool for anything from backgrounds to fine lines. It holds a tremendous amount of color and can easily cover a page with a smooth gradient.

On the right, Gorean has selected a key utility player: a #3 synthetic sable liner brush. This elongated, springy brush can be used to draw long, continuous lines and to make thin straight marks for texture. This brush is finished in a transparent blue lacquer, giving it a unique and distinguished look.

The three brushes are packaged in a large Tintoretto gift box. Once the paper label is removed, the box can be used for studio storage.

Made in Italy.