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Tintoretto ⨉ Rimo Kim Signature Travel Brush Set


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About This Product

Designed in collaboration between Italian brushmaker Tintoretto Pennelli and the noted Korean painter Rimo Kim, the Series 7914 Signature Set features four deluxe, metal-capped travel brushes, including an insanely large Kolinsky sable brush, which dwarfs the other three and is likely to be the most impressive travel brush in anyone's collection.

Kim is known for his bold, contemporary style of urban sketching, and the brushes in this set reflect that cosmopolitan way of working. With just four brushes, all tucked into an easily pocketed case, Kim's signature set offers the traveling watercolorist a full range of options for any notebook-sized composition.

In addition to the Kolinsky brush, two other Tintoretto fibers are featured here. The black-haired brushes are Tintoretto's outstanding synthetic squirrel, which outperforms all but the finest natural hair. The flat brush is made from synthetic sable, for the sharpest possible lines and square marks.

From left to right in the box: a #12 Kolinsky sable travel brush with silver handle, a #4 synthetic sable flat with silver handle, a #2 synthetic squirrel quill, and a #4 synthetic squirrel quill, both with classic wire-bound ferrules.

Also included in this lovely gift set is a soft 'eco-leather' wallet, with a simple one-pocket design that holds all four brushes easily. A flap folds over the top and tucks under a band in front to keep the wallet closed.

The brushes and wallet are packaged in a large Tintoretto gift box. Once the paper label is removed, the box can be used for studio storage.

Made in Italy.