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Isabey Vintage

Finest quality brushes for watercolor

Every detail matters.

But most brushes don't get the details right. Even if you buy a high-end brush, the ergonomics and overall usability may not be what you'd expect. Watercolorists in particular have had to make do with featherweight, super-skinny handles, which aren't ideal for comfort or control.

Isabey Vintage Watercolor Brushes are on another level. These handmade brushes feature premium fibers and a distinctive design that emphasizes balance.

The handles are all larger than similar sizes in other brushes, and they're fitted with elongated brass ferrules. The overall shape is tapered, with the widest point near the grip, allowing for a wide range of hand positions.

Two amazing fibers.

Isabey Vintage Watercolor Brushes are available in two gorgeous, professional-grade fibers: Isabey's proprietary Isaqua Synthetic Sable for bouncy, precise strokes and Petit Gris Pur grey squirrel for ultimate softness and color capacity.

Petit Gris brushes are ideal for backgrounds and expressive marks, while Isaqua brushes are suited for linework and detail.

Pair the two fibers for the ultimate watercolor studio set.

Don't forget...

Great brushes are even better with our selection of studio supplies.

Schmincke's Spring 2022 promotional set is a lovely little pocket box with six tubes of Horadam watercolor. Perfect for mixing.

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This traditionally-made French watercolor paper brings out bright colors and offers a soft, natural texture. A5 size (about 6" x 8").

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These gorgeous porcelain palettes have nineteen ultra-smooth wells, ten of them slanted for water control.

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