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Gifts for Writers

For your favorite scholar, storyteller, or scribe

Make everyday writing more exciting.

You don't need to be a novelist to care about good writing tools. Almost everyone writes, whether it's for work or school, journaling or filling out paperwork, writing to-do lists or dreaming up new ideas. We've always treated handwriting like an art form, and this year we've added some genuinely exciting new things to our pen & pencil departments. These are our top gifts for writers in 2022:

A futuristic fountain pen

These two pens are similarly capsule-shaped, machined from solid metal, and made to last forever. What may not be obvious is that they're very different sizes. Kaweco Liliput is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world—under 4" capped—and Kaweco Supra is quite a large pen, the heaviest and longest one we carry.

We chose these two models because we know they turn heads. These are the ones we notice from across the warehouse, when they're being checked and adjusted by our techs, and rush over to see. The brass Supra makes you feel you've pulled Excalibur from the stone, and the fireblue Liliput looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie. Both come in gift tins, ready to wrap.

A box of Japanese pencils

The Japanese did not invent the pencil, but today, Japanese manufacturers are unsurpassed in pencil quality and selection. The stationery market in Japan is the most competitive and innovative in the world, and while Western pencil companies have stopped innovating and reduced quality, Japanese manufacturers have carried the torch for this humble and important writing instrument.

If you haven't used Japanese pencils, you would be surprised how much better they are than your average American office pencil. Generally darker, smoother, straighter, and better-made, with tips that sharpen properly and erasers that actually work.

These are some of our favorite boxes of Japanese pencils, both in design and in performance, all in grades that are perfect for writing.

A stylish new notebook

We carry a different range of brands, paper types, and covers than most shops in the United States. Right now, we're obsessed with clothbound notebooks from Kakimori and staple-bound composition books from LIFE and Midori. All of the notebooks below are fountain pen friendly, and each one is a great gift for your favorite writer.

Midori Handwriting Paper

For those who love handwriting, this affordable pad is a workhorse for correspondence, note-taking, and general writing. It's equipped with Midori MD Paper in white and cream, plus handwriting underlays that keep your writing straight on the blank paper. It's a simple product and one of our all-time favorites. Add this to your writer's holiday haul & they'll thank you later.