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Free Shipping Over $59

Quick Picks for the Holidays

Our top ten gift recommendations for 2022.

Give confidently.

These ten Quick Picks have been red-hot with our creative customers this year, so we know they'll make perfect gifts. Most of these items are hard to find in U.S. shops, and some are brand-new to the market. That means your friends & family probably don't have them already.

This holiday's Quick Picks range from less than $30 to $180—the most popular price points for gifts. Looking for something bigger? Check out our list of Signature Gifts for 2022. Looking for something smaller? We've got crowd-pleasing Stocking Stuffers for days.


Limited-Edition Schmincke Watercolors

Three special sets. No wrong answers.

Schmincke is among the very finest artist color manufacturers in the world. Every year, they surprise us with new sets for the holidays, and the three special options for 2022 are at the top of our list.

For passionate artists, there's the Ultimate Mixing Set, with an unusual selection of modern mixing colors and a case with additional space—so they can customize it further. For travelers, there's the new Akademie Slim Set, with twelve colors arranged in a single, slim row. And for absolutely anyone, there's the highly complete, pleasingly weighty, specially designed Akademie Holiday Set with 24 colors.


Elegant Desktop Storage from TOYO

Everyone needs a TOYO.

We can hardly count the number of TOYO steel toolboxes we've personally given as gifts since we started stocking them a couple years ago. You can instantly feel how well-made a TOYO toolbox is—it's heavyweight steel, deep-drawn from a single sheet with no welds or weak spots.

And—in perfect time for holiday gifts—we've never had more colors in stock! Especially recommended is the limited-edition Japanese Indigo finish, featuring hand-applied white speckles that are different on every box.


Handmade Italian Travel Brushes

Every hair in place.

Handmade by skilled artisans in Tuscany, Tintoretto travel brushes are perfectly shaped and beautifully set in metal travel handles that turn into caps for storage. We have Tintoretto's springy, precise synthetic sable and their soft, absorbent synthetic squirrel.

For holiday giving, we enthusiastically recommend the sets, nestled in gorgeous cherry wood boxes with magnetic closures.


Kakimori Holiday Box Sets

Write with joy.

Kakimori, which started as a stationery retailer in Tokyo, has quickly become the world's most innovative pen manufacturer. While others simply introduce new colors, Kakimori has created entirely new nib designs and made old-school dip pens a viable option for writers and artists.

Each of these gorgeous gift sets includes a Kakimori dip pen (either the fountain-pen-like Pen Nib or the conical, futuristic Stainless Nib), plus a coordinated selection of accessories to make it useful on Day One.


Kaweco Student Fountain Pen

For serious writing.

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen, Black ($60+)

Ergonomically shaped, pleasantly balanced, and fitted with your choice of Kaweco steel ($60) or 14K gold ($229) nib. Student is designed for long writing sessions without skipping, scratching, or hand fatigue. It can hold a full-size converter, so you don't need to replace the ink as often.

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen, Transparent ($60+)

The transparent Student is made from the same parts and materials as the black, but the clear body highlights the metal grip and nib. Unlike other transparent pens, Student uses high-quality acrylic that doesn't cloud over time or scratch easily.