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Free Shipping Over $59

Gifts for Painters

Artist-curated gifts for color lovers

We know what painters like...

...because almost everyone on our team paints. We draw on our own passion and experience to stock our painting department, and we have more of the little things that make painting easier. We don't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves, and we're always excited to share our favorites. Here's our roundup of great gifts for painters in 2022:

MaimeriBlu Explorer Set

Old-world quality. Surprisingly low price.

MaimeriBlu is one of our most refined (and most expensive) watercolor options. But, in partnership with Maimeri, we're able to offer this special set of five tubes for just $36.95. The reason? This historic Italian manufacturer wants everyone to know just how good their signature watercolors are. This set includes five of the most distinctive MaimeriBlu colors, all single-pigment and lightfast, for an unforgettable painting experience that will tempt your recipient into more Maimeri colors.

Blockx Giant Watercolor Pans

The crown jewel of any watercolor box.

Just one Blockx Giant Watercolor Pan is a nice gift for any painter. More than one—or a full selection of colors—is a big, significant gift that stands out from every other paint they own. Made from porcelain, with about the same dimensions as a playing card (and a half-inch of depth), a Giant Pan holds eight times as much as a standard watercolor half pan.

What's inside these huge watercolor pans isn't just more paint. It's superior paint, stone-milled in Belgium and hand-checked at every stage. Each Giant Pan has a distinct surface that previews the pigment's unique qualities.

Arches Paper

If you paint, you've likely heard the name "Arches" or used this fine paper yourself. Made in France for centuries, Arches papers are the gold standard for artist use. Your creative friends and family might not splurge on a block of Arches paper too often—so it makes an ideal gift for someone you really like.

Choose Arches watercolor paper for ink, watercolor, gouache, and mixed media. Arches oil paper is suitable for oil and acrylic colors.

Isabey Vintage watercolor brushes

With hand-shaped tips, ultra-high-quality fibers, and integrated loops for hanging, Isabey Vintage watercolor brushes are graceful instruments for painting and mixed media sketching. Available in vegan Isaqua synthetic sable or Petit Gris Pur squirrel hair—for omnivores, we suggest pairing the two tip types for a wide range of options.

Studio supplies

It's all in the details.

Don't forget to pair your painting gift with some studio accessories! These little objects stick around much longer than a tube of paint, and serious artists get very attached to that perfect eraser or their preferred water cup for painting. Here are some of our artist-approved accessories, ready to brighten your recipient's studio: