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Quick Picks for the Holidays

Our top ten gift recommendations for 2022.


Tortoiseshell Brass Brush Pen

The king of brush pens.

There are quite a few brush pens on the market, and most of them are plastic. Many are disposable, and even the refillable ones often have tips that don't last. Kuretake's Tortoiseshell Brass Brush Pen stands head and shoulders above the rest, with a real sable tip, a brass barrel and cap, and a tortoiseshell pattern that changes in the light.

Offered in a wood gift box, the Tortoiseshell Brass Brush Pen is a a connoisseur's choice for drawing, illustration, and lettering.

Pair with a Platinum converter to use this brush pen with any brand of bottled fountain pen ink.


A thoughtful planner or diary

For dreamers and achievers.

The right planner, journal, or diary can be life-changing. We stock professional planners with weekly task lists, romantic multi-year diaries, and everything in between. This season, we're pleased to offer 2023 dated planners from Kakimori and Hightide, two of our favorite Japanese stationers. Midori's dateless products, including the clothbound and leatherbound Continuous Diaries, also come with our highest recommendation. Any of these books will be a pleasure to open—on the day they unwrap it, and on each day they write in it.


Complete Calligraphy Sets

We've noticed a surprisingly strong and durable interest in calligraphy in the last few years. Many people start with wedding invitations or lettering for a special gift, then discover that they have a talent for penmanship. These three sets offer something for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the experienced calligrapher.


Get Started with Gouache

Trending Medium Alert

Gouache is the fastest-growing medium in analog art right now, and artists everywhere are getting started with new sets of gouache, stiffer brushes, and bolder marks. It's thicker and more opaque than watercolor, and high-quality modern gouaches are just as intensely saturated, too. This isn't just an art-school medium anymore, and we bet your favorite artist would love to have a set.


Traveler's Notebook

The original modular notebook.

Many have imitated Traveler's Notebook in the last few years, but none match its quality, elegant design, and top-quality paper options. Created by Japanese stationery company Midori, these leather notebooks can be customized with your choice of dozens of refills—so there's a Traveler's Notebook for every chapter in your life. This season, in addition to the four classic TN colors, we're offering the limited-edition Traveler's Hotel and Traveler's Airline sets.

Limited Editions:

"Traveler's Airlines" Set ($112)

The 2022 limited-edition "Traveler's Airlines" set includes a Traveler's Notebook, Regular Size, in deep blue, with matching blue band and off-white lettering on the front. Inside the cover is a unique boarding-pass themed MD Paper insert to get you started.

Two brass charms are included: a Traveler's brass airplane that can be attached to the elastic, plus a small brass luggage tag that anchors the bookmark string. A white cotton storage bag, a "Traveler's Airlines" pencil, and a large selection of aviation-themed stickers are all in the box.

"Traveler's Hotel" Set ($112)

The "Traveler's Hotel" set includes a Traveler's Notebook, Regular Size, in warm brown, with a tan band and rose gold foil lettering on the front. Inside, there's a special Traveler's Hotel refill with blank MD paper.

This set also includes two charms, different from the ones in the Airlines set: a larger TRC suitcase charm for the elastic and a smaller, key-shaped charm for the bookmark string. A large pack of deluxe travel-themed stickers, a "Traveler's Hotel" pencil, and a green cotton storage bag are also included.